Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices

​​​​​Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: January 2017 ​​​NR033/2017​​ ​​​NR033/2017
​​​​Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: December 2016 ​​NR010/2017​​ ​​NR010/2017
​​​Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: November 2016 NR201/2016​​ NR201/2016
​​Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: October 2016 ​​​​​​​NR187/2016​ NR187/2016
​Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: September 2016 ​​​​​​NR166/2016 NR166/2016​​​
Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: August 2016 ​​​​​NR148/2016 ​​​​​NR148/2016​​​
Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: July 2016 ​​​​NR127/2016 ​​​​NR127/2016​​
​​​Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: June 2016 ​​​NR112/2016 ​​​NR112/2016​​
​​Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: May 2016 ​​NR095/2016 ​​NR095/2016​​
​Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: April 2016 NR081/2016 NR081/2016​​
Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: March 2016 NR062/2016 NR062/2016​​
Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: February 2016 NR045/2016 NR045/2016​​
Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: January 2016 NR029/2016 NR029/2016
Harmonised I​ndex of Consumer Prices: December 2015 NR005/2016 NR005/2016

​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: November 2015 ​​NR228/2015 NR228/2015
​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: October 2015 NR209/2015 NR209/2015
​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: September 2015 NR187/2015 NR187/2015
​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: August 2015 NR168/2015 NR168/2015
​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: July 2015 NR149/2015 NR149/2015
​​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: June 2015 ​​NR132/2015 NR132/2015
​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: May 2015 NR113/2015 NR113/2015
​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: April 2015 NR091/2015 NR091/2015
​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: March 2015 NR072/2015 NR072/2015
​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: February 2015 NR052/2015 NR052/2015
​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: January 2015 NR034/2015 NR034/2015
​Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: December 2014 NR009/2015 NR009/2015

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