Statistics on Income and Living Conditions

​SILC 2015: Main Dwellings ​​NR188/2016 NR188/2016
​SILC 2015: Salient Indicators NR152/2016 NR152/2016
​SILC 2014: Salient Indicators NR167/2015 NR167/2015
​SILC 2013: Focus on Children and the Elderly NR110/2015 NR110/2015
​SILC 2013: Main Dwellings and Material Deprivation NR003/2015 NR003/2015
​SILC 2013: Salient Indicators NR164/2014 NR164/2014
​SILC 2012: Focus on Children and the Elderly NR110/2014 NR110/2014
SILC 2012: Main Dwellings and Material Deprivation NR002/2014 NR002/2014