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Registered Employment

Previous editions of this data collection are titled "Gainfully Occupied Population".

​​​​Registered Employment: June 2022 ​NR208/2022 ​NR208/2022​
​​​Registered Employment: May 2022 ​NR183/2022 ​NR183/2022​
​​Registered Employment: March-April 2022 ​NR158/2022 ​NR158/2022​
​​​Registered Employment: February 2022 ​NR126/2022 ​NR126/2022​
​​Registered Employment: January 2022 ​NR103/2022 ​NR103/2022​
​​​​​​​​Register​ed Employment: December 2021​​​​​ ​NR084/2022 ​NR084/2022​
​​Registered Employment: November 2021​ ​NR062/2022 ​NR062/2022​
​Registered Employment: October 2021 ​NR046/2022 ​NR046/2022​​
​​​Registered Employment: September 2021​ ​NR024/2022 ​NR024/2022​
​​Registered Employment: August 2021​ ​NR016/2022 ​NR016/2022​
​Registered Employment: June-July 2021​ NR001/2022 NR001/2022​
​​Registered Employment: April-May 2021 NR202/2021 ​NR202/2021​
​Registered Employment: January-March 2021 NR167/2021 ​NR167/2021​
​Registered Employed Revisions: 2013-2020 ​NR160/2021 ​NR160/2021​
​​Registered Employment: November an​d December 2020 ​NR126/2021 ​NR126/2021​
​Registered Employment: October 2020 ​NR042/2021 ​NR042/2021​
​Registered Employment: August-September 2020​​​​​ ​NR017/2021 ​ NR017/2021​
​Registered Employment: June-July 2020​​​​​ No pdf is available  Data only available in excel
​​Registered Employment: April-May 2020 ​​​​​ ​NR001/2021 ​ NR001/2021
​​​Registered Employment: ​January-March 2020​​​​​ ​ ​​No pdf is available ​​ Data only available in excel​​​
​Register​ed Employment: January 2020​​​​​ NR148/2020 NR148/2020​
​​​​​​​Register​ed Employment: December 2019​​​​​ ​NR116/2020 ​NR116/2020​
​​​​​​Register​ed Employment: November 2019​​​​​ ​NR079/2020 ​NR079/2020​
​​​​​Register​ed Employment: October 2019​​​​​ ​NR059/2020 ​NR059/2020​
​​​​Register​ed Employment: September 2019​​​​​ ​NR037/2020 ​NR037/2020​
​​​Register​ed Employment: August 2019​​​​​ ​NR021/2020 ​NR021/2020​

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