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Registered Unemployment

​Registered Unemployment: November and December 2022 ​NR014/2023 ​NR014/2023​
​​Registered Unemployment: October 2022 ​NR211/2022 ​NR211/2022​
​​​Registered Unemployment: September 2022 ​NR197/2022 ​NR197/2022​
​​Registered Unemployment: August 2022 NR168/2022 ​NR168/2022​
​​​​​​Registered Unemployment​: July 2022 ​NR153/2022 ​NR153/2022​
​​​​​Registered Unemployment​: June 2022 ​NR135/2022 ​NR135/2022​
​​​​Registered Unemployment​: May 2022 ​NR115/2022 ​NR115/2022​
​​​Registered Unemployment​: April 2022 ​NR092/2022 ​NR092/2022​
​​​​Registered Unemployment: March 2022 NR066/2022 ​NR066/2022​
​​​Registered Unemployment: February 2022 ​NR055/2022 ​NR055/2022​
​​Registered Unemployment: January 2022 ​NR031/2022 ​NR031/2022​
​Registered Unemployment: November and December 2021 ​NR013/2022 ​NR013/2022​
​Registered Unemployment: October 2021 ​NR212/2021 ​NR212/2021​​
​​Registered Unemployment: September 2021 ​NR200/2021 ​NR200/2021​
​Registered Unemployment: August 2021 ​NR171/2021 ​NR171/2021​​
​​​​​Registered Unemployment​: July 2021 ​NR153/2021 ​NR153/2021​
​​​​Registered Unemployment​: June 2021 ​NR138/2021 ​NR138/2021​
​​​Registered Unemployment​: May 2021 ​NR117/2021 ​NR117/2021​
​​Registered Unemployment​: April 2021 ​NR094/2021 ​NR094/2021​
​Registered Unemployment​: March 2021 ​NR072/2021 ​NR072/2021​
​Registered Unemployment​: February 2021 ​NR057/2021 ​NR057/2021
​​​​Registered Unemployment​: January 2021 ​NR036/2021 ​NR036/2021​
​​​Registered Unemployment​: December 2020 ​NR019/2021 ​NR019/2021​

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