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European Common Tables

The following are links to a set of common European statistical information. More in-depth data are available from the Eurostat website in the 'tables by theme' section of the Statistics Database:

​Economy/National Accounts GDP per capita in purchasing power standards
​Economy/National Accounts Real GDP growth rate - volume
​Economy/National Accounts Gross Domestic Product at market prices
​Economy/Government Statistics General government gross debt
​​Economy/Government Statistics ​Total general government expenditure
​​Economy/Government Statistics General government deficit/surplus - percentage of GDP
​Economy/Prices Harmonised index of consumer prices - all items
​Population/Labour Force Harmonised unemployment rate by gender - total
​Population/Labour Force ​Employment rate, by sex
​Population/Demography People by age classes
​Population/Demography ​Population by citizenship - foreigners
​​Population/Demography Life expectancy at birth by gender
​​Population/Demography Crude birth rate
​Industry Industrial production - total industry (excluding construction)
​Industry Industrial domestic output prices - total industry (excluding construction)
​Construction Building permits
​Energy Electricity prices by type of user
​Energy Electricity generated from renewable sources
​Environment Greenhouse Gas Emissions by sector
​Agriculture Output of the agricultural industry - basic and producer prices

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