Organisation Structure

Director General

The Director General is the head of the National Statistics Office and has the legal representation of it. The Malta Statistics Authority Act, 2000 makes provisions for this position in Article 9.

NSO staff

The National Statistics Office (NSO) is the executive arm of the Malta Statistics Authority as established by the Malta Statistics Authority Act, Cap. 422 of the Laws of Malta.  The NSO is headed by the Director General and is made up of five directorates: Economic Statistics, Business and Trade Statistics, Social Statistics, Data Capability and Corporate Services.  The first three directorates are directly responsible for statistical subject-matter domains.  The Data Capability directorate is tasked with assisting domain units in data management and methodological issues whilst helping the office reach a higher degree of efficiency in terms of processes and IT infrastructure.  The Corporate Services directorate provides lateral support to all units for matters related to human resources, finances and risk compliance. Other horizontal functions are carried out by the International affairs unit, the Central ​management and institutional affairs unit, the Disseminations and Communications unit, the NSO Legal advisor and the team responsible for special projects:-

A hierarchical organisation chart for NSO may be viewed here​​

Director General

Central Management and Institutional Affairs
International Affairs
Legal Advisor
Dissemination and Communications
Special Projects
Risk and Compliance

Economic Statistics Directorate
​National Accounts
Public Finance
Balance of Payments
Price Statistics
Short-term Statistics​

Business and Trade Statistics Directorate
​International Trade Statistics
Structural Business Statistics
Environment, Transport and Agriculture Statistics
Business Registers
Energy, Regional and Geospatial Statistics

​Social Statistics Directorate​
​Living Conditions and Culture Statistics
​Labour Market and Information Society Statistics
Population, Migration and Crime Statistics
Tourism and Education Statistics

Data Capability Directorate
Information Security
IT Systems
Data Management
Methodology and Quality​

Corporate Services Directorate

​Administration and Procurement
Human Resources and Staff Development