Organisation Structure

Director General

The Director General is the head of the National Statistics Office and has the legal representation of it. The Malta Statistics Authority Act, 2000 makes provisions for this position in Article 9.

NSO staff

The National Statistics Office (NSO) is structured in four directorates: Economic Statistics, Business Statistics, Social Statistics and Support Services. The first three directorates are responsible for translating the Office's mission into statistical output that is timely, impartial, of a high quality and that is responsive to the country's needs in all contexts. These are supported by the units within the Resources and Support Services Directorate. Three units - Methodology and Research, Regional Statistics and Surveys - fall under the direct responsibility of the Director General.


Director General
01​ ​Methodology and Research
​02 ​Regional Statistics
​03 ​Surveys
​Directorate A: Economic Statistics
​A1 National Accounts​
​A2 ​Public Finance
​A3 ​Balance of Payments
​A4 ​International Trade Statistics
​A5 ​Price Statistics
​Directorate B: Business Statistics
​B1 ​Structural Business Statistics
​B2 ​Short-term Statistics
​B3 ​Agriculture and Environment Statistics
​B4 ​Business Registers
​Directorate C: Social Statistics
​C1 ​Living Conditions and Culture Statistics
​C2 ​Labour Market Statistics
​C3 ​Population and Tourism
​C4 ​Education and Information Society Statistics
​Directorate D: Resources and Support Services
​D1 ​Personnel and Budgetary Matters
​D2 ​External Cooperation and Communication
​D3 ​IT Systems