Demographic Indicators

​In 2014:

  • ... the total population at end December was 429,344 (214,735 males and 214,609 females) with 401,868 Maltese nationals.

  • ... for the first time over at least the past century, total males in Malta exceeded females.

  • ... the fertility rate of the total population stood at 1.42 whereas the rate for the Maltese population stood at 1.37.

  • ... diseases of the circulatory system were the principle cause of death in Malta (37.6% of total deaths) followed by tumours (28.5% of total deaths).

  • ... 5 boats carrying 565 irregular migrants reached Maltese shores (almost a quarter of these migrants were Syrian).

  • ... a total of 2,871 marriages were registered in Malta (51.7% Religious Marriages and 48.3% Civil Marriages).

  • ... the life expectancy at birth was 82.1 years (84.3 for females and 79.8 for males).

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