​The Malta Statistics Authority (MSA) is an equal opportunities employer.

The filling of vacancies within the National Statistics Office (NSO), its operative arm, is carried out in accordance with terms and conditions established by the MSA specifically for the grade where vacancies exist.

Recruitment is carried out by means of a selection process conducted by a selection board appointed for the purpose by the MSA.

Post​  ​ Basis​​   JobsPlus
Permit Number
​  Jobs​Plus
Vacancy Number 
  Closing Date​
Survey Interviewers ​Part-tim​e ​​277/2021 ​371203 ​Open Call
Survey Interviewer I ​Full-Time ​504/2021 ​373587 ​02/11/2021
Applicants interested in any of the current vacancies, are requested to fill in the consent form. Please click her​e to download the consent form.

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