How is the NSO website organised?
The salient reference points in the organisation of the NSO website are the operational units. Therefore, sections such as ‘News releases’, ‘Publications’ and ‘Sources and Methods’ are mainly arranged according to the remit of the different units. An alternative access for published output is by chronological order.

Where can I access Census information?
Census information may be accessed from Publications by Unit – Methodology and Research.
Where can I access time series data?
Time series data are available from the NSO online database, StatDB. A link to StatDB can be found at the bottom right-hand side of the homepage.
Does the NSO website cater for data visualisation facilities?
STATAMAP represents the outcome of a project which presents statistics in graphic formats and which enables visual data to be customised to individual needs. STATAMAP is located in ‘Services’ under ‘Data’.
INTRASTAT is a system which was created by the European Union for the purpose of meeting the need for trade information among EU countries. This procedure rests on the direct provision of trade data by enterprises to the statistical services of the various Member States.
What is the Labour Force Survey?
The Labour Force Survey (LFS) is an inquiry held among households with the purpose of obtaining information on the labour market and related issues. The method involves a series of personal interviews. In Malta, the LFS is carried out on a continuous basis using a quarterly sample of 3,200 households. The LFS covers all persons who live in private households and excludes those in collective households such as residential homes and hospitals. The definitions and methodology used to carry out the LFS are common to all EU Member States.
What is SILC?
Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) is an annual inquiry carried out among persons who live in private households. SILC is the reference source for comparative statistics on income distribution and social exclusion among EU Member States. On the basis of SILC, reliable quantitative information on social exclusion and material deprivation is produced.
The inquiry at European Union level is known as EU-SILC. It was formally launched in 2004 and expanded in 2005 to cover all the EU25 Member States, together with Norway and Iceland. Malta was one of the countries that launched SILC in 2005.
TOURSTAT is a continuous survey which collects information on tourist departures.  With regard to air departures, the survey is carried out at the departure lounge of the Malta International Airport by means of a series of personal interviews. Information on sea departures is collected at the Valletta Cruise Port, also through personal interviews. Both branches of the TOURSTAT survey are supplemented by administrative records.
-         Inbound tourism refers to visits to a country by visitors who are not residents of that country.
-        Outbound tourism refers to visits by residents of a country to other countries.