COVID-19 and the production of statistics


In view of the current COVID-19 situation, and in line with Government’s measures aimed at curtailing the spread of the virus, the National Statistics Office introduced measures to minimise as much as possible the risk of contagion to staff, data providers and stakeholders alike. Measures are also coordinated with our peers within the European Statistical System and Eurostat.

The centralised data collection and statistical production of the NSO will however continue. The Office’s priority is to protect the health and safety of individuals through adjusting working patterns and practices to the situation in order to maintain business continuity and support the information needs of society. Hence, at this moment in time, personal interviews are being discontinued and replaced by telephone interviews. We ask for the patience and cooperation of our respondents as telephone interviews may take longer to conduct than face-to-face ones.

As a statistical office, we strive to produce and disseminate high-quality statistics consistently. This will ensure a steady provision of valuable information to the national and international research community. Especially during this challenging period, economic statistics are of ultimate importance. Therefore, whilst understanding that many businesses might be experiencing disruptions and difficulties, we appreciate your continued cooperation in providing reliable data in our business surveys since this forms the basis for the production of major economic indicators which are indispensable for policy making purposes.

The current situation is bringing to the fore the importance of official statistics for policy makers, researchers and individuals. The NSO is ever on the look-out to formulate the best and safest responses to the challenges facing society, in an effort to maintain the production and dissemination of relevant, reliable and timely statistics. To this end, the NSO reiterates the need of a good understanding of the situation in the period ahead.

Any subsequent decisions will be communicated to our users and stakeholders with maximum transparency and in a timely manner. May we take this opportunity to thank all our respondents and data providers for their continuous support and understanding.​