Regional Gross Domestic Product

The territory of Malta is made up of the following three inhabitable islands: Malta, Gozo (Ghawdex) and Comino (Kemmuna). Gozo and Comino are considered one region (at NUTS III level) for the purpose of statistics. The island of Malta is the second NUTS III region of the Maltese Islands. Regional GDP data is available annually at NUTS III level and quarterly for the Maltese Islands.

At NUTS III level, the top-down method is the main approach used to calculate Gross Value Added by kind of activity A11 and Gross Domestic Product for Malta and Gozo and Comino separately. When taxes on products are added to and subsidies of products are deducted from Gross Value Added at basic prices, Gross Domestic Product, is obtained.

The basic methodology for calculating regional GVA/GDP by NUTS III involves using the top-down approach based on administrative employment data provided by the Employment Training Corporation (ETC). Concurrently, Government GVA by industry and at NUTS III level is derived from the DAS and the Treasury’s Financial Statements.

As per ESA 95, this involves the distribution of a national figure among regions, without attempting to single out resident units, by means of a distribution key which reflects as closely as possible the feature to be estimated. The method is called top-down because the aggregate is allocated to a region and not to a single unit. However, the notion of a resident unit is needed in order to have a correct regional coverage of the key to be used. The distribution key in this case is the employment data available at A88 level. This is the closest proxy and most reliable source that provides the needed information both at regional level and at A88 level.

The main source for employment data is the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC), which is the official employment agency. This provides an administrative database which includes all enterprises and their employees, full-time and part-time. Employment data is also available by region, i.e. for Malta and Gozo separately where the self-employed/ employee is residing. Total employment figures refer to where the employee/self-employed persons are working not residing. Thus, for example, a Maltese resident working in Gozo is registered under the Gozo region whilst a Gozitan resident working in Malta is registered under the Malta region.

This method is used to apportion Gross Value Added between the regions at NUTS III level for almost all industries except General Government (GG) GVA which is already available by industry A88 and by region.

Gross Value Added, Gross Domestic Product, Employment and Population data are published locally at NUTS III level at the end of each year, as well as transmitted to Eurostat. The preliminary data for year t are ready at t + 12 months.

As preparation for Malta’s Regional Accounts is done using the production approach the final step for the transition from GVA to GDP at market prices is to add net taxes on products. Taxes and subsidies on products are allocated between regions using the same ratio as that for GVA.

Major revisions in Regional Accounts are implemented at the same time as in National Accounts. This implies that the time series for 2000 to 2013 will be re-calculated in December 2014 following the implementation of ESA 2010 in September 2014. Minor revisions in the time series are implemented and included when the news release is published.

Regional Accounts are comparable for the all the time series available i.e. from 2000 to 2012. The time series is coherent as there is no break in series and the methodology/data sources are consistent for the whole time series.

Released transactions at NUTS III level are:
- Value added, gross at basic prices
- Gross Domestic Product per region
- Employment
- Population


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