Regional Gross Domestic Product


The regional gross domestic product measures and compares prevailing economic activity across regions.  It is the most important indicator for the selection of regions eligible for support under the investment for growth and jobs goal, of the EU's regional policy. 

Data are compiled in accordance with the European System of Accounts - ESA 2010 and regulation (EU) No. 549/2013 on the European system of national and regional accounts.  National accounts provide a set of reliable, consistent, and comparable macroeconomic indicators intended to meet the needs of government and private-sector analysts, policy makers and decision takers.

Methodological description

Regional GDP is calculated according to the regional breakdown of the economic territory of the European Union; called the nomenclature of territorial units for statistics (NUTS).  For the case of the Maltese Islands, regional GDP is computed annually at NUTS 3 level.  The island of Malta is the first NUTS 3 region (MT001), and the islands of Gozo and Comino are considered the second NUTS 3 region (MT002).  There is also the Extra-Regio (MTZZZ) component that relates solely to the national, thus cannot be allocated to the regions.

The top-down method is the main approach used to calculate Gross Value Added by industry breakdown A*10/11 and Gross Domestic Product for Malta, and Gozo and Comino separately.  When taxes on products are added to, and subsidies of products are deducted from Gross Value Added at basic prices, then Gross Domestic Product is obtained.  This is calculated based on administrative employment data provided by JobsPlus.  Concurrently, Government GVA by industry and at NUTS 3 level is derived from the Departmental Accounting System (DAS) and the Treasury’s Financial Statements from the Treasury Department.

The main source for employment data is the JobsPlus.  Employment figures by region are used to apportion Gross Value Added between the regions at NUTS 3 level for almost all industries except General Government (GG) GVA which is already available by industry A88 and by region.

As preparation for Malta’s Regional Accounts is done using the production approach the final step for the transition from GVA to GDP at market prices is to add net taxes on products.  Taxes and subsidies on products are allocated between regions using the same ratio as that for GVA.

Accuracy and reliability of data

The accuracy of regional GDP data results from checks carried out with different sources, especially with national GDP data.  In particular, the sum of the regions (including extra-regio component) must be equal to the national. 

Timeliness and punctuality of data

A news release on regional GDP is published annually as scheduled in the Advance Release Calendar.  Data for a particular reference year t are disseminated in December of year t+1. 

Regional GDP data at NUTS 3 level is transmitted to Eurostat at t+12 months, even though regulated at t+24.

Accessibility and clarity of data

Regional GDP news releases are available on the NSO’s website. 

Coherence and comparability / consistency of data

Geographical comparability with other regions within the European Union Member States is ensured through the use of the standard NUTS classification and by the adoption of common concepts and definitions from ESA 2010. 

Regional accounts data are available since year 2000.  The time series is not coherent as there is a temporary break in series in the regional computations of Gross Value Added at basic prices and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at market prices, respectively.  Following data revisions published on 22 December 2016, in NR 207/2016, statistics for the period 2010-2015 is not comparable to past statistics for the period 2000-2009.  Statistics for period 2000-2009 are not strictly in accordance to residence principle.  Longitudinal comparability shall be restored by December 2017; revisions shall be applied retrospectively till year 2000. 

Regional GDP is coherent with National GDP data as at December of each year (being updated only once per y​ear in December).

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