Government Finance Data

Every month the Public Finance Unit publishes a news release on Government Finance data in order to provide users with regular up-to-date information on the Consolidated Fund of Government. This news release follows some guidelines set out in the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010) and Manual on Government Deficit and Debt. Therefore, the shortfall between revenue and expenditure is essentially the cash-based deficit position as far as the Central Government’s Consolidated Fund is concerned. In this respect, revenue that has no impact on the deficit, such as proceeds from loans, proceeds from sale of financial assets, and revenue from other accounts of Government, is not taken into consideration. Likewise, direct loan repayments, contributions to sinking funds, acquisition of equity, as well as transfers into other accounts of Government, are excluded from the total expenditure.

The debt position includes the actual debt which is held by Government. On the other hand, any investments made by Government in its own funds are excluded from the total debt. As from December 2007, the euro coins issued in the name of the Treasury are considered as a currency liability pertaining to the Central Government.