Quarterly Accounts for General Government

The News Release on the Quarterly Accounts for General Government is an illustration of the quarterly data of both the non-financial and financial accounts of the general government sector. General Government Sector (S.13 sector according to the ESA 2010 definitions) is made up of the Central Government Sector (S.1311) and the Local Government Sector (S.1313). The Central Government Sector includes the Budgetary Central Government, made up of Government ministries and departments and the Extra Budgetary Units (EBUs) which are classified as forming part of this sector.

The data published in the News Release is in line with the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010) Manual. This system of accounts is mandatory for all EU Member States. Data conforms with the data transmitted to Eurostat every quarter in Table 25 for the non-financial account, Table 27 for the financial account and Table 28 for the government debt.



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