Direct Investment in Malta and Abroad

Direct Investment is defined as “the category of international investment that reflects the objective of a resident entity in one economy (i.e. direct investor) obtaining a lasting interest in an enterprise resident in another economy. The lasting interest implies the existence of a long-term relationship between the direct investor and the enterprise and significant degree of influence by the investor on the management of the enterprise. Direct investment comprises not only the initial transaction establishing the relationship between the investor and the enterprise but also all subsequent transactions between them and among affiliated enterprises, both incorporated and unincorporated.”

The type of data collection system used to compile the Direct Investment is a composite system based on monthly, quarterly and annual direct reporting (DR) enterprise surveys, as well as various other sources that are identified from time to time by the BoP compilers. Direct Investment data is collected on a country basis with the debtor/creditor principle being used as the basis for the geographic allocation of the data.





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