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International Trade

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External Trade Statistics

International Trade - Collection basis and responsible party: Up till the end of April 2004, Customs Declarations were the main source of Trade Statistics data. As from May 2004 Customs collects, inputs and process the basic data for Non-EU Trade, an electronic extraction of which is transferred to the National Statistics Office (NSO) at the end of each month. Intra-EU Trade data is collected from the Supplementary Declaration System. The VAT Department is the legal owner of the data derived from this System. The NSO is responsible for managing the Supplementary Declaration System also known as INTRASTAT.

The Intrastat System which was created as a means of collecting Intra-EU trade data came into operation on 1 January 1993 for EU Member States. The NSO is also responsible for checking, analyzing and preparing statistical reports for dissemination.




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