Inward and Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics

Inward FATS describe the overall activity of foreign affiliates resident in the compiling economy. It covers Nace Rev 2 Sections B to N and S95. Section K of Nace Rev 2 is provided for a limited number of variables. Inward FATS is a subset of SBS data, as such no questionnaire is carried out.

Outward FATS describes the activity of foreign affiliates abroad controlled by residents of the compiling country. Outward FATS covers Nace Rev 2 Sections B to S excluding O. A survey on Outward FATS is carried out annually.

Both FATS statistics are based on Commission Regulation (EC) No 716/2007. The FATS Recommendations manual is a reference guideline for both Inward & Outward FATS.


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