Job Vacancy Statistics

The Job Vacancy Survey is a quarterly survey with a sample size of approximately 1300 enterprises. The target population for this enquiry is enterprises employing 10 or more persons and operating in all economic activities with the exception of agriculture and fishing. The sampling strategy for this survey is stratified random with optimal allocation.

Data for the surveyed companies is collected either via email or by post (only for entities for which no email address is available). Following the elapse of the deadline, a reminder (via email) is sent to non-responding units and additional chasing is carried out by telephone. Another part of the survey relates to information collected from the public sector. To this end all data pertaining to employment and vacancies generated within government ministries, departments and organisations is collected via administrative sources.

The overall response rate for this survey during 2013 was 76.2 per cent.

The Job Vacancy Survey is carried out as per EC Regulation 453/2008. Data is transmitted to Eurostat on a quarterly basis 70 days following the end of the reference period. Information which is provided includes the number of occupied posts and the number of job vacancies per economic activity. Additional information relating to vacated occupations is provided on an annual basis.

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