Structure of Earnings Survey

The Structure of Earnings Survey was conducted for the first time in 2002 and was combined with the Labour Cost Survey. The survey is conducted every 4 years. The last Structure of Earnings Survey was held for the reference year 2010 with a response of 64.7 per cent.

The aim of the Structure of Earnings Survey is to provide detailed and harmonised data on the structure and distribution of employees' earnings. The target population of this survey is enterprises employing 10 or more persons and operating in NACE Sections B to S excluding Section O. This implies that relatively all types of economic activities are included in the target group except for agriculture and fishing activities and public administration-related enterprises. Data collected for this survey includes a demographic and socio-economic profile along with an earnings profile for a subsection of employees which are selected for this enquiry. All information is subsequently grossed up to represent all employees working within 10+ companies.

The sampling strategy used for this enquiry is two stages: the primary sampling unit (i.e. the enterprise) is selected using stratified sampling at NACE 2 digit level and size class. The secondary sampling unit (i.e. employees) is selected via a simple random strategy within each enterprise.

The Structure of Earnings Survey is carried out in line with EC Regulation 530/1999 and 1738/2005.

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