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Inbound Tourism

The National Statistics Office (NSO) carries out an ongoing frontier survey known as TOURSTAT. Tourist air departures are collected through a continuous survey carried out at the departure lounge of Malta International Airport (MIA). A two-stage sampling design is used to collect air passengers. Tourist sea departures are collected through a regular survey, conducted during three separate months every year at the Valletta Cruise Port. A quota sample is used to conduct sea passenger departures in which survey interviewers are guided to select people according to some fixed quota. Administrative records are used as a supplementary source for the calibration of the survey aggregates. The exercise is in the main a bottom-up approach including a calibrating weight to re-align the survey results to the true population of total passenger departures (net of transits).

The main indicators collected in these surveys include: nationality, country of residence, flight, final destination, gender and age, purpose of visit, frequency of visit, number of nights stayed, same-day visits, type of accommodation used, locality in Malta stayed longest, organisation of trip, form of transport used and expenditure (package/non-package/other).

The main aim of the TOURSTAT survey is to collect information on tourism demand, for both inbound and outbound trips. Results for Tourism Demand are published monthly in the form of news releases to cater primarily for local data needs. 

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