Migration Statistics

This domain comprises data compilation of statistics on international migration, as stipulated by Article 3 of the European Regulation (EC) 862/2007. Data that is compiled by National Statistics Office (NSO) on annual basis entails statistics on:
- immigrants establishing usual residence in Malta during the reference year;
- emigrants moving from Malta during the reference year;
- persons having their usual residence in Malta by the end of reference period;

These data are disaggregated by sex, age, citizenship, country of birth and, where applicable, previous/next country of residence.

This work is carried out by NSO in collaboration with other Government Entities who provide access to administrative records for the compilation of these statistics. These include: the Office of the Refugee Commissioner, Employment and Training Corporation, and Department for Expatriates and Citizenship Affairs. All migration statistics is compiled basing on harmonised methods stipulated by the Regulation, in order to ensure comparability of results across participating countries. The regulation also stipulates time frames within which these data must be transmitted to Eurostat.

A large part of this data is estimated basing on administrative registers derived from different sources. Whenever this data is not available, NSO uses auxiliary information like survey estimates or mathematical models.

It is also important to note that the definitions used for the compilation of international migration (Article 3) are in line with those used for the production of demographic statistics. This way, aggregate results derived from the estimation of migration flows can be added to natural increase for the estimation of population change.


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