Continuing Vocational Training Survey


The Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS) collects information on enterprises’ investment in the continuing vocational training of their staff. Continuing vocational training (CVT) refers to education or training measures or activities which are financed, in total or partly, by the enterprise (directly or indirectly).  Information is collected also on number of training/non-training enterprises, participation in CVT, planning and assessment of CVT, cost of CVT courses, and time spent on CVT courses. 

The scope and content of CVTS is governed by Commission Regulation No. 1153/2014, implementing Regulation 1552/2005.

Methodological description of survey

The target population consists of all business enterprises employing 10 or more employees with the exclusion of those companies which fall under NACE O (Public administration and defence; compulsory social security), P (Education), and Q (Human health and social work activities).  

The survey is carried every 5 years, and a sample of enterprises is selected by a stratified random sampling approach based on margin of error relative to mean employment within strata.

Around 1,400 enterprises are selected to participate in the survey. A copy of the survey is sent first by mail, followed by a reminder by means of an email.  Finally face to face interviewing is adopted for enterprises that did not submit their response.

Accuracy and reliability of data

Coherence and consistency checks with respect to other main indicators from other sources are made prior to submission of microdata to Eurostat. Core CVTS variables are compared with similar (possible minor difference in definitions) variables from Labour Cost Survey, Job Vacancy Survey and Structural Business Statistics.

Timeliness and punctuality of data

No news release is published with regards to CVTS but data is transmitted to Eurostat before the stipulated deadlines, that is, no later than 18 months after the end of the reference year and subsequently put on the Eurostat’s website. 

Accessibility and clarity of data

After the collection of CVTS data, a quality report is produced and sent to Eurostat.

In 2001, a onetime publication entitled ‘Continuing Vocational Training Survey’ was published for the reference period between January and December 1999.  This publication is available on the NSO’s website. 

Coherence and comparability/consistency of data

Data related to CVTS is comparable across all European Union member states given that all countries conduct their surveys in line with regulation requirements.

Locally CVTS was undertaken for the first time in the year 2000 covering the reference year 1999, and data can be said to be comparable over time.

Full comparability with Structural Business Statistics (SBS) is not possible due to differences in NACE and size classes, and due to the slightly different definition of persons employed used in CVTS.

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