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Contact Information: 

Mr Matthew Zerafa
Head of Unit
2599 7630

Education and Information Society Statistics

Unit C4 is responsible for two domains within the framework of official statistics: namely Education Statistics and Information Society (ICT) statistics.

Education Statistics:
The unit carries out data collection and analysis of data at all levels of education (from pre-primary to tertiary) and all economic sectors (State, state-dependent or independent institutions). Part of this data is obtained from administrative sources such as the Ministry for Education and employment, while other data is obtained by direct contact with the education institutions.

The data is analysed and coded in line with the provisions of EC. No. 912/2013, and transmitted to Eurostat annually in the form ofaggregated tables.

ICT Statistics:
The unit carries out two surveys on the topic of ICT – one entitled “ICT Usage and e-Commerce in Enterprises” and the second entitled “ICT Usage in Households and by Individuals”. Each year data collection starts off with ICT enterprises during quarter 1, with the ICT household survey following in quarter 2. The data is cleaned, analyses and submitted to Eurostat by 5 October of the same year.

The main use of the ICT surveys is to measure Malta’s progress in relationship to the Digital Agenda for Europe, EU2015 benchmarks and EU2020 targets.

All ICT data is analysed and coded in line with the provisions of EC. No. 808/2004 and subsequent implementing regulations. Ultimately a combination of aggregated data and anonymised micro-data is sent to Eurostat annually.