ICT Usage and E-Commerce in Enterprises

The survey on ICT usage and e-commerce in enterprises has been carried out annually since 2005 and is designed to satisfy the concepts and definitions of EC. Regulation No. 808/2004 and subsequent implementing regulations.

This allows the comparability of results among all EU Member States. The aim of this survey is to obtain relevant indicators on the use of information and communication technology as well as e-commerce in enterprises. The scope of this survey is to measure progress in relationship to the digital agenda targets set for EU2020. 

For the purpose of this survey, a census of enterprises employing more than 10 persons and operating within NACE Rev. 2 Sections C - L, Divisions 69-74, Section N and Group 95.1 are considered.

Apart from the continuous benchmarking indicators, the ICT survey has an annual ad-Hoc module with the aim of measuring the introduction and progress of new technologies.

The data is forwarded to Eurostat in aggregated form, flagged for confidentiality and small counts. A News Release is published locally in Q1 following the end of the reference year.

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