Sources & Methods


Statistics relate to inter-island sea transport traffic, explained by the number of vessel trips, passenger and vehicle movements between Malt​a and Gozo.  The ferry service is operated by Gozo Channel Co. Ltd. whereas the fast ferry service is operated by Virtu Ferries Ltd and Gozo Fast Ferry Ltd.​

On a national level, statistics on sea transport between Malta and Gozo are essential for regional management, policy making and research, namely by Ministries, Government departments, authorities and interested stakeholders.

Methodological description

Data on Sea Transport between Malta and Gozo is compiled from administrative information provided by Gozo Channel Co. Ltd and Transport Malta on a monthly basis.  This data is provided within seven working days following end of reference month.  

Two different approaches are applied for data collection at Mġarr and Ċirkewwa harbours, respectively.  While the data source for the Mġarr side is the Automated Ticketing System (ATS), data for the Ċirkewwa side is dependent on the manual clicking system.

 Accuracy and reliability of data

Mġarr side statistics are considered highly accurate, based on scanner data recorded prior to boarding on vessel.  Statistics for the Ċirkewwa side are based on ongoing hand-held tally clicking, for passengers and vehicles, respectively.

Timeliness and punctuality of data

The ‘Sea Transport between Malta and Gozo’ news release is published quarterly on the NSO’s website as scheduled in the Advance Release Calendar.  Statistics for a particular reference quarter are published in the following quarter. 

Accessibility and clarity of data

Tables on sea transport between Malta and Gozo are also included in an annual publication ‘Transport Statistics​’ which is available on the NSO’s website. 

Coherence and comparability / consistency of data

Monthly statistics on sea transport between Malta and Gozo are fully comparable as from year 2002. 

Such data collection is the only source which brings together information on sea transport between Malta and Gozo.  Thus, coherence tests with other domains are not possible. 

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