Publication Calender

DateTitle of ReleaseDirectorate Revisions
09-01-2023Registered Employment: August 2022Social
09-01-2023International Trade in Goods: November 2022Economic
10-01-2023Unemployment Rate: November 2022Social
11-01-2023Index of Industrial Production: November 2022Business
12-01-2023Quarterly Accounts for General Government: Q3/2022Economic
13-01-2023Residential Property Transactions: Q4/2022Economic
17-01-2023Inbound Tourism: November 2022Social
18-01-2023Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: December 2022Economic
19-01-2023Cruise Passengers: Q4/2022Social
23-01-2023Retail Price Index: December 2022Economic
24-01-2023?Sea Transport between Malta and Gozo: Q4/2022Business
25-01-2023ICT usage and e-Commerce in Enterprises: 2022Social
26-01-2023Expenditure of General Government Sector by Function: 2021Economic
27-01-2023Registered Unemployment: November and December 2022Social
30-01-2023Unemployment Rate: December 2022Social
30-01-2023Industrial Producer Price Indices: December 2022Business
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