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Cruise Passengers

​​​​Cruise Passengers: Q2/2022​ ​NR128/2022 ​NR128/2022​
​​​Cruise Passengers: Q1/2022​ ​NR076/2022 ​NR076/2022​
​​Cruise Passengers: Q4/2021​ ​NR039/2022 ​NR039/2022
​Cruise Passengers: Q3/2021​ No pdf is available Data only available in excel
​​​Cruise Passengers: Q2/2021​ ​NR132/2021 ​NR132/2021​
​​Cruise Passengers: Q1/2021​ ​NR077/2021 ​NR077/2021​
​Cruise Passengers: Q4/2020 ​NR010/2021 ​NR010/2021​
​​​​Cruise Passengers: Q3/2020 ​NR176/2020 ​NR176/2020​
​Cruise Passengers: Q2/2020 Release was cancelled due to the suspension of all cruise liner calls during this period​ ​
​​​Cruise Passengers: Q1/2020 ​NR069/2020 ​NR069/2020​
​​Cruise Passengers: Q4/2019 ​NR008/2020 ​NR008/2020​

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