Commitment on Confidence

On 17 May 2018, the Government of the Republic of Malta approved the Commitment on Confidence in Statistics. With this document, the Government commits itself to fully support the development of the Maltese Statistical System, notably the production and dissemination of statistics according to the 15 principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice.

The Commitment on Confidence (CoC) can be taken as a declaration that the Government will do all in its power to ensure the fundamental principles underlying public statistics. The CoC means that Government will, in particular:

  • continue to ensure the professional independence of the National Statistics Office;
  • support the National Statistics Office to maintain and improve conditions for the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice;
  • provide appropriate and sufficient resources towards the production of relevant and high-quality statistics;
  • empower the National Statistics Office to have access to data from administrative and other sources, with a view to rationalise response burden; and
  • ensure that the rights of respondents as regards the protection of the information they provide are fully respected.

You can read and download the Commitment on Confidence in Statistics and the Citizen’s Summary here:

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