Terms of use

Terms of use

The website is maintained and managed by the National Statistics Office of Malta (NSO).

The NSO reserves in full all Intellectual Property rights and any other rights at law.  Unauthorized web scraping of content from this website is strictly prohibited. Web scraping refers to the automated extraction of data from websites without prior consent. Any attempt to engage in web scraping without explicit, written consent from the website owner is a violation of these terms. If you wish to engage in web scraping activities on this website, you must obtain prior written consent from the website owner. To request consent, please send a written request on [email protected] and provide details regarding the nature of your web scraping activities, intended use of the data, and any other relevant information.

Users are encouraged to report any suspected violations of this web scraping prohibition. If you believe someone is engaging in unauthorized web scraping on this website, please contact [email protected] with relevant details.

The website owner is not liable for any damages, losses, or harm resulting from the use or inability to use this website, including any consequences of unauthorized web scraping.

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