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Accidents at Work: July-December 2022
Release Date: 17 February 2023
Accidents at Work: July-December 2022
  • The number of claims with respect to non-fatal accidents decreased by 1.9 per cent when compared to July to December 2021
  • Majority of non-fatal accidents took place in the construction sector.
  • Almost half of the reported injuries at work affected the upper extremities of the body such as fingers and hands.
  • Seven fatal accidents were reported during the second six months of 2022.
Accidents at Work: July-December 2022
Release Date: 17 February 2023
The number of claims in respect of non-fatal accidents at work in the second half of 2022 decreased by 24, or 1.9 per cent, compared to the corresponding period in 2021. Seven fatal accidents at work were reported in the second half of 2022.

Non-fatal accidents

Administrative records show that 1,229 persons were involved in a non-fatal accident at work in the second half of 2022.

The majority of these non-fatal accidents occurred in the construction sector (211 or 17.2 per cent). Another 201 or 16.4 per cent of the accidents occurred in the manufacturing sector followed by the transportation and storage sector (173 or 14.1 per cent). When compared to the same period in 2021, the largest increase in the number of accidents was in the construction sector (25 or 13.4 per cent) (Table 1).

The largest share of accidents at work during the reference period involved persons working in elementary occupations followed by craft and related trades workers (Table 2).

Almost half (44.3 per cent) of the injuries at work affected the upper extremities of the body, such as the fingers and hands (Table 4). Wounds and superficial injuries, and dislocations, sprains and strains were the most common types of injuries, amounting to 686 and 354 cases respectively (Table 5).

In the second half of 2022, 29.2 per cent of the accidents at work took place in enterprises with 500 employees or more (Table 7).

In 2022, 852 non-fatal accidents per 100,000 employed persons were reported. The highest standardised incidence rate of non-fatal accidents at work was recorded in manufacturing followed by construction and transportation and storage (Table 9).

Fatal accidents

Between July and December 2022, the Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA) reported seven fatal accidents at work. There were three fatal accidents at work in the corresponding period of 2021.

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Methodological Notes

1. Data on non-fatal accidents at work is provided by the Department of Social Security, while that on fatal accidents at work is given by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA).
2. The data in this release include all cases for which an injury benefit claim form has been submitted to the Department of Social Security, irrespective of the number of days lost.
3. Revisions to the previous year’s data are carried out annually upon publication of the first semester of the following year.
4. District classification:
For aggregation purposes, all localities were grouped into six districts as follows:
A. Southern Harbour
Valletta, Il-Birgu, L-Isla, Bormla, Ħaż-Żabbar, Il-Fgura, Il-Furjana, Il-Kalkara, Ħal Luqa, Il-Marsa, Raħal Ġdid,
Santa Luċija, Ħal Tarxien, Ix-Xgħajra.
B. Northern Harbour
Ħal Qormi, Birkirkara, Il-Gżira, Il-Ħamrun, L-Imsida, Pembroke, Tal-Pieta’, San Ġiljan, San Ġwann,
Santa Venera, Tas-Sliema, Is-Swieqi, Ta’ Xbiex.
C. South Eastern
Iż-Żejtun, Birżebbuġa, Il-Gudja, Ħal Għaxaq, Ħal Kirkop, Marsaskala, Marsaxlokk, L-Imqabba, Il-Qrendi, Ħal Safi,
D. Western
L-Imdina, Ħaż-Żebbuġ, Is-Siġġiewi, Ħ‘Attard, Ħal Balzan, Ħad-Dingli, L-Iklin, Ħal Lija, Ir-Rabat, L-Imtarfa.
E. Northern
Ħal Għargħur, Il-Mellieħa, L-Imġarr, Il-Mosta, In-Naxxar, San Pawl il-Baħar.
F. Gozo and Comino
Ir-Rabat, Għawdex, Il-Fontana, Għajnsielem and Comino, L-Għarb, L-Għasri, Ta’ Kerċem, Il-Munxar,
In-Nadur, Il-Qala, San Lawrenz, Ta’ Sannat, Ix-Xagħra, Ix-Xewkija, Iż-Żebbuġ.
5. Definitions:
– An accident at work is defined as a discrete occurrence during the course of work which leads to physical or mental harm.
– Fatal accidents at work are accidents that lead to death of the victim within one year.
– The standardised incidence rate is defined as the weighted sum of the number of accidents at work per 100,000 persons in employment.
6. Key:
: Unreliable – less than 20 sample observations.
u Under represented – between 20 and 49 sample observations.
7. More information relating to this news release may be accessed at:
8. References to this news release are to be cited appropriately.
9. A detailed news release calendar is available online.
Map 1. Graphical Illustration of MALTA by NUTS Classification

Districts classification

Southern Harbour
Bormla; Il-Fgura; Il-Furjana; Ħal Luqa; Ħaż-Żabbar; Il-Kalkara; Il-Marsa; Raħal Ġdid; Santa Luċija; L-Isla; Ħal Tarxien; Valletta; Il-Birgu; Ix-Xgħajra.

Northern Harbour
Birkirkara; Il-Gżira; Ħal Qormi; Il-Ħamrun; L-Imsida; Pembroke; San Ġwann; Santa Venera; San Ġiljan; Is-Swieqi; Ta’ Xbiex; Tal-Pietà; Tas-Sliema.

South Eastern
Birżebbuġa; Il-Gudja; Ħal Għaxaq; Ħal Kirkop; Ħal Safi; Marsaskala; Marsaxlokk; L-Imqabba; Il-Qrendi; Iz-Żejtun; iz-Żurrieq.

Ħad-Dingli; Ħal Balzan; Ħal Lija; Ħ’Attard; Ħaż-Żebbuġ; L-Iklin; L-Imdina; L-Imtarfa; Ir-Rabat; Is-Siġġiewi.

Ħal Għargħur; Il-Mellieħa; L-Imġarr; Il-Mosta; In-Naxxar; San Pawl Il-Baħar.

Gozo and Comino
Il-Fontana; Għajnsielem and Comino; L-Għarb; L-Għasri; Il-Munxar; In-Nadur; Il-Qala; San Lawrenz; Ta’ Kerċem; Ta’ Sannat; Ir-Rabat; Ix-Xagħra; Ix-Xewkija; Iż-Żebbuġ.

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