News Release Calendar


The NSO publishes around 230 News Releases a year. All releases are published and disseminated at 1100 hrs as scheduled in the Advance Release Calendar. The calendar is published on the NSO website and includes a three-month advance notice (the current month and the forthcoming two months). It should be noted that the calendar is subject to changes.

The responsible unit for the dissemination of all News Releases is the Dissemination unit and all general enquiries should be directed to this unit (contact details on the front page footer of all releases). News releases are scheduled in such a way so as to have only one release per working day. In exceptional cases, the NSO Director General may however authorise more than one release on one particular day.​

 I​n light of ​the current COVID-19 situation, the NSO cannot guarantee that news releases will all be issued on time according to the news release calendar. Any delays will be communicated with maximum transparency and in a timely manner.​



Advance Release Calendar​

2​021​​​​​​ 2022
​​ ​​​​​
November​​ December​​​​​​

 Contact Information:

Communication and Dissemination 
2599 7219