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Date Title of Release Theme Revisions Infographics
Fri, 28/04/23Government Finance Data: January-March 2023 Public Financeball
Fri, 28/04/23Industrial Producer Price Indices: March 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Tue, 02/05/23Cruise Passengers: Q1/2023 Tourismball
Wed, 03/05/23Registered Business Units: 2022 Business Registersball
Thu, 04/05/23Government Expenditure on Social Security Benefits: Jan-Mar 2023 Public FinanceballCheck-Mark
Mon, 08/05/23Inbound Tourism: March 2023 Tourismball
Tue, 09/05/23Road Traffic Accidents: Q1/2023 Transportball
Wed, 10/05/23International Trade in Goods: March 2023 International Trade in Goodsball
Wed, 10/05/23Residential Property Transactions: April 2023 Pricesball
Thu, 11/05/23Index of Industrial Production: March 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Fri, 12/05/23Registered Employment: December 2022 Labour Marketball
Mon, 15/05/23Residential Building Permits: Q1/2023 Short-term StatisticsballCheck-Mark
Tue, 16/05/23Outbound Tourism: Q1/2023 Tourismball
Wed, 17/05/23Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: April 2023 Pricesball
Thu, 18/05/23Teaching English as a Foreign Language: 2022 Educationball
Fri, 19/05/23Short-term Industrial Indicators: Q1/2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Mon, 22/05/23Short-term Services Indicators: Q1/2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Tue, 23/05/23Retail Price Index: April 2023 Pricesball
Wed, 24/05/23Registered Unemployment: April 2023 Labour Marketball
Thu, 25/05/23Collective Accommodation Establishments: Q1/2023 Tourismball
Fri, 26/05/23Government Finance Data: January-April 2023 Public Financeball
Mon, 29/05/23Unemployment Rate: April 2023 Labour Marketball
Tue, 30/05/23Gross Domestic Product: Q1/2023 National AccountsballCheck-Mark
Wed, 31/05/23Industrial Producer Price Indices: April 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Thu, 01/06/23Structure of General Government Debt: 2022 Public Financeball
Fri, 02/06/23Inbound Tourism: April 2023 Tourismball
Fri, 09/06/23International Trade in Goods: April 2023 International Trade in Goodsball
Fri, 09/06/23Index of Industrial Production: April 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Mon, 12/06/23Residential Property Transactions: May 2023 Pricesball
Tue, 13/06/23Registered Employment: January 2023 Labour Marketball
Wed, 14/06/23Labour Force Survey: Q1/2023 Labour Marketball
Thu, 15/06/23Cinema Statistics: 2022 Cultureball
Fri, 16/06/23Renewable Energy from Photovoltaic Panels (PVs): 2022 Energyball
Fri, 16/06/23Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: May 2023 Pricesball
Tue, 20/06/23 International Economic and Financial Transactions: Q1/2023 Balance of Paymentsball
Wed, 21/06/23Retail Price Index: May 2023 Pricesball
Tue, 27/06/23Unemployment Rate: May 2023 Labour Marketball
Wed, 28/06/23Industrial Producer Price Indices: May 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Fri, 30/06/23Government Finance Data: January-May 2023 Public Financeball
Wed, 05/07/23Quarterly Accounts for General Government: Q1/2023 Public FinanceballCheck-Mark
Thu, 06/07/23Registered Unemployment: May 2022 Labour Marketball
Fri, 07/07/23Structural Business Statistics: 2020 Structural Business Statisticsball
Mon, 10/07/23International Trade in Goods: May 2023 International Trade in Goodsball
Tue, 11/07/23Index of Industrial Production: May 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Tue, 11/07/23Residential Property Transactions: Q2/2023 Pricesball
Fri, 14/07/23Inbound Tourism: May 2023 Tourismball
Mon, 17/07/23Statistics on Libraries: 2022 Cultureball
Tue, 18/07/23Sea Transport between Malta and Gozo: Q2/2023 Transportball
Wed, 19/07/23Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: June 2023 Pricesball
Thu, 20/07/23Research and Development in Malta: 2021 Research and Developmentball
Fri, 21/07/23Registered Employment: February 2023 Labour Marketball
Mon, 24/07/23Retail Price Index: June 2023 Pricesball
Tue, 25/07/23Cruise Passengers: Q2/2023 Tourismball
Wed, 26/07/23Regional Tourism: 2022 Regional and Geospatialball
Thu, 27/07/23Government Expenditure on Social Security Benefits: Jan-Jun 2023 Public FinanceballCheck-Mark
Fri, 28/07/23Unemployment Rate: June 2023 Labour Marketball
Fri, 28/07/23Government Finance Data: January-June 2023 Public Financeball
Mon, 31/07/23Motor Vehicles: Q2/2023 Transportball
Mon, 31/07/23Industrial Producer Price Indices: June 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Tue, 01/08/23Registered Unemployment: June 2023 Labour Marketball
Wed, 02/08/23Business Demography: 2022 Business Registersball
Thu, 03/08/23Public Corporations: 2021 Public Financeball
Fri, 04/08/23Inbound Tourism: June 2023 Tourismball
Mon, 07/08/23Road Traffic Accidents: Q2/2023 Transportball
Tue, 08/08/23Registered Employment: March 2023 Labour Marketball
Wed, 09/08/23Residential Property Transactions: July 2023 Pricesball
Wed, 09/08/23International Trade in Goods: June 2023 International Trade in Goodsball
Thu, 10/08/23Index of Industrial Production: June 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Fri, 18/08/23Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: July 2023 Pricesball
Mon, 21/08/23Accidents at Work: January-June 2023 Labour Marketball
Mon, 21/08/23Residential Building Permits: Q2/2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Tue, 22/08/23Short-term Industrial Indicators: Q2/2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Wed, 23/08/23Retail Price Index: July 2023 Pricesball
Wed, 23/08/23Short-term Services Indicators: Q2/2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Thu, 24/08/23Collective Accommodation Establishments: Q2/2023 Tourismball
Fri, 25/08/23Outbound Tourism: Q2/2023 Tourismball
Fri, 25/08/23Government Finance Data: January-July 2023 Public Financeball
Mon, 28/08/23Registered Unemployment: July 2023 Labour Marketball
Tue, 29/08/23Gross Domestic Product: Q2/2023 National AccountsballCheck-Mark
Wed, 30/08/23Unemployment Rate: July 2023 Labour Marketball
Thu, 31/08/23Industrial Producer Price Indices: July 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Mon, 04/09/23Registered Employment: April 2023 Labour Marketball
Mon, 11/09/23International Trade in Goods: July 2023 International Trade in Goodsball
Mon, 11/09/23Index of Industrial Production: July 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Tue, 12/09/23Residential Property Transactions: August 2023 Pricesball
Wed, 13/09/23Labour Force Survey: Q2/2023 Labour Marketball
Thu, 14/09/23Inbound Tourism: July 2023 Tourismball
Fri, 15/09/23EU-SILC 2022: Salient Indicators Living Conditionsball
Tue, 19/09/23Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: August 2023 Pricesball
Wed, 20/09/23International Economic and Financial Transactions: Q2/2023 Balance of Paymentsball
Mon, 25/09/23Retail Price Index: August 2023 Pricesball
Tue, 26/09/23Registered Unemployment: August 2023 Labour Marketball
Wed, 27/09/23Economic Accounts for Agriculture: 2022 Agricultureball
Thu, 28/09/23Unemployment Rate: August 2023 Labour Marketball
Thu, 28/09/23Industrial Producer Price Indices: August 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Fri, 29/09/23Government Finance Data: January-August 2023 Public Financeball
Mon, 02/10/23Direct Investment in Malta and Abroad: January-December 2022Balance of Paymentsball
Tue, 03/10/23Regional Labour Supply by Place of Residence and Work: 2022 Regional, Geospatial, Energy and Transport Statistics ball
Wed, 04/10/23Inbound Tourism: August 2023 Living Conditions, Tourism and Cultureball
Thu, 05/10/23Electricity Supply: 2022 Regional, Geospatial, Energy and Transport Statistics ball
Mon, 09/10/23Index of Industrial Production: August 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Tue, 10/10/23International Trade in Goods: August 2023 International Tradeball
Tue, 10/10/23Residential Property Transactions: Q3/2023 Price Statisticsball
Thu, 12/10/23EU-SILC 2022: Main Dwellings Living Conditions, Tourism and Cultureball
Mon, 16/10/23Registered Employment: May 2023 Labour Market and Information Statisticsball
Tue, 17/10/23Sea Transport between Malta and Gozo: Q3/2023 Regional, Geospatial, Energy and Transport Statistics ball
Tue, 24/10/23Motor Vehicles: Q3/2023 Regional, Geospatial, Energy and Transport Statistics ball
Wed, 25/10/23Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Formal Education: 2021/2022 Education and Community Safetyball
Thu, 26/10/23Unemployment Rate: September 2023 Labour Market and Information Statisticsball
Thu, 26/10/23Government Expenditure on Social Security Benefits: Jan-Sep 2023 Public Financeball
Fri, 27/10/23Government Finance Data: January-September 2023 Public Financeball
Mon, 30/10/23Industrial Producer Price Indices: September 2023 Short-term Statisticsball
Tue, 31/10/23Registered Unemployment: September 2023 Labour Market and Information Statisticsball
Tue, 31/10/23Tax Revenues: 2022 Public Financeball
Publication Name
2023 Q02
Continuing Vocational Training Survey (Reference year: 2020)
2023 Q02 Malta Skills Survey: Preliminary Results
Labour Market
2023 Q02 Census Publication 2 - Dwelling Characteristics
2023 Q02 Work Programme 2024-2026
2023 Q02 Quality Management Framework
2023 Q02 Regional Statistics MALTA 2023 Edition
Regional and Geospatial
2023 Q03 Publication on tourism statistics
2023 Q03 Safety and Wellbeing Survey
Living Conditions
2023 Q03 Malta Skills Survey 2022: Detailed results
Labour Market
2023 Q03 Census Publication 3 - Health, education and other socio-economic aspects
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