International Trade Data Requests

Data Requests

1) Introduction

The International Trade Statistics Unit compiles Imports and Exports of Goods data between EU Member States (Intra-EU trade) and with non-EU countries (Extra-EU trade).
Intra-EU imports (arrivals) / exports (dispatches) data is collected from the Intrastat Declaration system, where traders submit their declarations. Intrastat is a legal obligation governed by the Subsidiary Legislation 406.08, Value Added Tax (Collection of Supplementary Information), L.N. 105 of 2008.​

Extra-EU imports/exports are acquired from the Department of Customs of Malta on a monthly basis.

Traders, researchers, students and other organizations/persons who are interested to acquire International Trade in Goods Statistics (ITGS) data can do so by filling in the form referred in Section 2 below. 
Data requested is supplied against a charge. Applicable rates are explained in Section 2 below.

NSO cannot supply confidentiality data, but can supply data at an aggregated level even in detail unless there is a confidentiality issue.

2) Where to apply.

To apply for a request for information click here:

The NSO Dissemination Unit will send the quotation for the data requested. Once it is approved from your side, the data will be provided as soon as possible.

Applicable fees rates can be found in the link below:


3) What data is available.

We can supply (available) data for any specific tailor-made request.

The following are the variables that are available when asking for data information on imports and exports in Goods:

  1. Period: Years/Months/Quarters
  2. CN Code (HS Code): 8-digit, 6-digit, 4-digit or by Chapter at 2-digit level. Apart from the codes we can supply also the description of the goods according to digit level requested (2-, 4-, 8-digit).
  3. Country of Consignment (for Imports) and Country of Destination (for exports). Requests can be also made by Region (EU/non-EU), by Continent, or by specific countries only. 
  4. Statistical Value
  5. Net Mass
  6. Supplementary Quantity (where applicable)
  7. Trade By NACE
  8. Trade by Invoicing currency
  9. Trade by Broad Economic Category (BEC)
  10. Traders can request data on their own VAT number on imports and exports (for free).
A report of all Intrastat declarations submitted on trader’s registered VAT number can be generated from the below link:
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