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The growing competitive nature of some industries around the world has compelled enterprises to expand their international presence. Such firms may prefer decentralising their production across different regions to direct overseas investment, thereby utilising economies of scale to attain a competitive edge. Global Value Chains and International Sourcing statistics aim to measure some aspects of this important contemporary phenomenon which is directly linked to Globalisation. Such indicators include the relocation of jobs across countries and the motivations and barriers to source internationally. Data is collected through a triennial census survey for enterprises employing 50 employees or more belonging to NACE Rev. 2 Sections B to N (business economy). 

Methodological description of survey

Data is collected through a census survey of enterprises employing 50 or more employees during the reference period. These enterprises are stratified by size (50-249 and 250+ employees) and economic activity, in-line with NACE Rev.2 classification (Sections B to N).

Timeliness and punctuality of data

The triennial Global Value Chains results are transmitted within 24 months from the reference period’s end.

Accessibility and clarity of data

The triennial quality report on Global Value Chains is made available within 24 months post-reference period. Data on Global Value Chains can be accessed from Eurostat’s database, with a comprehensive metadata report also available on the NSO’s website.

Survey Name Description Copy of questionnaire
Standard Business Statistics questionnaire This is an annual questionnaire sent to a sample of enterprises to provide a profile of the structure, dynamics and performance of the Maltese business economy.
​Investment module questionnaire This is a simplified annual questionnaire designated for sole-traders. Recipients of this type of questionnaire are inquired only about their respective investments in non-current assets during the year.
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