Sources & Methods


This domain comprises the compilation of statistics on international migration, as stipulated by Article 3 of the European Regulation (EC) No. 862/2007.  Data that is compiled by the National Statistics Office (NSO) on an annual basis includes statistics on:

  • immigrants establishing usual residence in Malta during the reference year;
  • emigrants moving from Malta during the reference year;
  • persons having their usual residence in Malta by the end of reference period.

These data are disaggregated by sex, age, citizenship, country of birth and, where applicable, previous/next country of residence.

On a national level, international migration statistics are essential in policy making by Ministries, Government departments and authorities working within the social and economic spheres; research institutes; the University of Malta; and other policy makers.

Methodological description

This work is carried out by the NSO in collaboration with other Government Entities who provide access to administrative records for the compilation of these statistics.  Whenever this data is not available, NSO uses auxiliary information like survey estimates or mathematical models to estimate migration flows.  For example, migration flows of family members and dependents of workers are estimated through such models.

Accuracy and reliability of data

The accuracy of statistical outputs is related to the accuracy and efficiency of the underlying administrative data sources.  Data is checked for consistency upon receipt.  In addition, totals and cross tabulations are checked with outputs from previous years for consistency purposes and analysis of time series.

Timeliness and punctuality of data

The ‘World Refugee Day’ news release related to international migration statistics is published on the NSO’s website on the pre-established date as scheduled in the Advance Release Calendar which can be also viewed on the NSO’s website.

Data related to migration is sent to the Eurostat within the stipulated deadlines.

Data on asylum applications:

  • ​Monthly data: not later than 2 months after end of reference month
  • Quarterly data: not later than 2 months after end of reference quarter
  • Yearly data: not later than 3 months after end of reference year

Residence permits submissions are on an annual basis and transmitted to Eurostat not later than 6 months after end of reference period.


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