Statistical Insights

Statistical Insights involve the application of statistical methods and techniques to analyse data generated from pilot projects. These still represent official statistical data but which are undergoing testing and therefore are not yet in their finalised form. Users should note that these statistics may carry a higher level of uncertainty and should be treated with caution.

Digital Platform Employment: 2022

The data provided in this news release is extracted from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) pilot data collection carried out during 2022 and partly financed through EU grants. The LFS is a household-based survey and is used as a monitoring tool across the European Union for assessing progress made in various spheres of labour market and social statistics.
Date: 06/02/2024

Skills mismatch indicators

Skills mismatch refers to gaps and imbalances in skills available in the labour market. These include over- or under-qualification, labour market shortages or surpluses for specific qualifications or skills, hiring difficulties, and underemployment or unemployment for specific qualifications or skills. Different groups within the labour force may be affected, and different sectors or occupations may encounter more problems than others (Kriechel & Vetter, 2019).
Date: 05/10/2022
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A Collection of Papers by the National Statistics Office and the Malta Statistics Authority

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