Transport Statistics

Transport Statistics 2020 (Reference year 2019)

Date Published: 20th May 2021

The Transport Statistics publication – 2020 edition, is another in a series of NSO’s publications on transport, and presents a collection of detailed statistics on passenger and freight transport by road, sea and air during 2019. The abundance of data and information presented makes this publication useful for different stakeholders including businesses, urban planning experts, and port management consultants. 

This publication sheds light on diverse aspects of the different modes of transport. While air passenger movements show to and from which countries people travel most, air transport also covers mail and cargo movements. The chapter on sea transport then looks at different industries such as cruise liners, yachting, and also the fishing industry. It also gives information about passenger traffic between Malta and Gozo. The final chapter delves into road transport. Apart from data about different types of vehicles, this chapter also looks at road traffic accidents, contraventions and fines, and transport-related government schemes.

Salient Points of Publication:

Air Transport

In 2019 …

… passenger traffic at the MIA increased by 7.0% when compared to 2018

…. UK and Italy remained the two most popular destinations in terms of total passengers’ movement, registering increases in passengers’ movement over 2018 by 2.3% and 3.2% respectively.


Sea Transport

In 2019 …

… the stock of vessels registered under the Maltese flag amounted to 8,593.

… cruise liners embarkations from Malta and landings in Malta increased by 74.4% and 73.7% respectively over 2018.

… the average rate of passengers and vehicles per trip crossing between Malta and Gozo amounted to 214 and 65 respectively.

… Passengers carried between Valletta and The Three Cities totalled 572,646 (+8.3%), while those carried between Valletta and Sliema totalled 911,527 (-6.9%).


Road Transport

In 2019 …

… the number of reported traffic accidents increased by 10.0% over 2018, with 36.8% of these accidents recorded in the Northern Harbour district

…. traffic casualties decreased by 3.8% over 2018

…. injuries sustained by seven drivers, four passengers and five pedestrians proved fatal

…. the stock of licensed motor vehicles increased at an average net rate of 33 vehicles per day

…. passenger cars accounted for 77.3% of total licensed motor vehicles but minibuses registered the largest increase at 11.0% over 2018

…. 59.6% of total licensed motor vehicles had petrol engines

.… electric and hybrid powered motor vehicles registered an increase of 89.8% over 2018

.… newly licensed motor vehicles amounted to 26,797, or 1.1 per cent more than 2018

…. 56.0% of the newly licensed motor vehicles were used

…. the number of licensed motor vehicles per 1,000 residents went down to 773 from 781 in 2018

…. Gozo and Comino district registered the highest number of vehicles per 1,000 residents at 1,153, whereas the Northern Harbour registered the lowest ratio with 617 vehicles per 1,000 residents

…. a total of 250 vehicles were stolen, a decrease of 20.1% over 2018

…. a total of 189,023 traffic-related contraventions were issued by the police, wardens and Transport Malta. Speed cameras’ contraventions totalled 53,847 or an average of 147 per day

…. 36.4% of total driving license holders were aged between 40 and 59 years

…. Public transport commuters totalled 57,409,385 an increase of 7.4% over 2018

…. total distance travelled by all licensed vehicles in Malta was estimated at 3,169 million km

…. passenger cars were driven the most with 2,408 million km or 76.0% of the total distance travelled.

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