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In-Nefqa tal-Gvern fuq il-Benefiċċji tas-Sigurtà Soċjali: Jannar-Marzu 2024
NR 082/2024
Data tal-Ħruġ: 7 taʼ Mejju 2024
  • Sa tmiem Marzu 2024, in-nefqa fuq il-Benefiċċji Kontributorji laħqet it-€397.8 miljun, li hija 10.6 fil-mija ogħla mill-2023.
  • L-għadd taʼ pensjonanti taż-Żewġ Terzi żdiedu bʼ2,207 fuq l-istess żmien fl-2023.
  • In-nefqa fuq il-benefiċċji li mhumiex Kontributorji laħqet €80.5 miljun, żieda taʼ 11.6 fil-mija fuq l-2023.
  • L-akbar ġemgħa taʼ benefiċjarji Kontributorji kienet irrappurtata fil-Pensjonijiet taż-Żewġ Terzi (58,541).
  • Fl-ewwel kwart tal-2024, 42,510 familji ħadu l-Allowance tat-Tfal, filwaqt li 41,053 persuna ħadu l-Għotja għal Ċittadin Anzjan.
In-Nefqa tal-Gvern fuq il-Benefiċċji tas-Sigurtà Soċjali: Jannar-Marzu 2024
NR 082/2024
Data tal-Ħruġ: 7 taʼ Mejju 2024
Bejn Jannar u Marzu 2024, in-nefqa tal-Gvern fuq il-benefiċċji tas-Sigurtà Soċjali telgħet bi €38.2 miljun meta mqabbla mal-2023.


In-nefqa tal-Gvern fuq il-benefiċċji tas-Sigurtà Soċjali

Fl-ewwel kwart tal-2024, l-infiq kollu fuq il-benefiċċji tas-Sigurtà Soċjali laħaq it-€397.8 miljun, 10.6 fil-mija aktar mit-€359.6 miljun li kienu rreġistrati fl-aħħar taʼ Marzu 2023. Nefqiet ogħla kienu rreġistrati kemm fuq il-Benefiċċji Kontributorji (€29.9 miljun) u kemm fuq il-Benefiċċji Mhux Kontributorji (€8.4 miljuni) (Tabella nru 1).

L-infiq tal-Gvern fuq il-Benefiċċji Kontributorji laħaq it-€317.3-il miljun, li hija żieda taʼ 10.4 fil-mija fuq l-2023. Il-Pensjonijiet tal-Irtirar irreġistraw l-akbar żieda, li kienet taʼ €19.9-il miljun, bħala riżultat taż-żieda taʼ 2,207 persuna li bdew jieħdu l-Pensjoni taż-Żewġ Terzi. Aktar żidiet kienu rreġistrati fil-Bonus Kontributorju (€6.9 miljuni), il-Pensjonijiet tar-Romol (€2.9 miljuni) u Benefiċċji Oħra (€0.2 miljun) (Tabella nru 2).

Sa tmiem Marzu 2024, €80.5 miljun intefqu fuq il-Benefiċċji Mhux Kontributorji, żieda taʼ 11.6 fil-mija meta mqabbla mas-sena taʼ qabel. Bʼ4.1 miljuni, l-Allowance tat-Tfal irreġistra l-ogħla żieda qabel l-Għotja għal Ċittadin Anzjan (€1.8 miljun) u l-Allowances/Għotjiet għall-Carer (€0.8 miljun) (Tabella nru 3).

Il-benefiċjarji tas-Sigurtà Soċjali

Fl-ewwel tliet xhur tal-2024, il-pensjonanti taż-Żewġ Terzi għoddew 58,541, li jiġu 2,207 benefiċjarji iżjed mill-istess żmien fl-2023. Dan il-benefiċċju rrapporta l-ogħla żieda fost il-benefiċjarji tal-Benefiċċji Kontributorji, filwaqt li min-naħa l-oħra, l-akbar tnaqqis kien irreġistrat fil-Pensjoni Bikrija tar-Romol (229) (Tabella nru 2).

L-ogħla numru ta’ benefiċjarji Mhux Kontributorji kien irrappurtat fl-Allowance tat-Tfal (42,510). Barra minn hekk, kien hemm 41,053 persuna taʼ 75 sena jew iżjed li kienu qegħdin jieħdu l-Għotja għal Ċittadin Anzjan. Il-familji li kienu qegħdin jieħdu s-Suppliment taʼ Allowance tat-Tfal għoddew 774 iżjed mis-sena taʼ qabel, l-akbar żieda fost il-Benefiċċji Mhux Kontributorji. Bʼkuntrast, l-akbar tnaqqis fir-riċevituri deher fil-Benefiċċju taʼ Waqt l-Impjieg (1,066) (Tabella nru 3).

Ċart nru 1. In-nefqa fuq il-benefiċċji tas-sigurtà soċjali

Jannar-Marzu fʼmiljuni tal-ewro

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Ċart nru 2. In-nefqa fuq il-benefiċċji tas-sigurtà soċjali bil-funzjonijiet tal-ESSPROS1 

Benefiċċji Kontributorji

Jannar-Marzu 2024

Benefiċċji Mhux Kontributorji


Jannar-Marzu 2024

1 Ara n-nota metodoloġika nru 5.

Additional Tables and Charts

Methodological Notes

1. Expenditure data provided in this news release is extracted from the administrative records of the Social Security Department, and is based on the Government’s Consolidated Fund.
2. Beneficiaries data is obtained from the Department of Social Security’s Unique Beneficiaries Report.
3. In 2022, a complete revamp of the In-Work Benefit (IWB) was carried out by the Income Support and Compliance Division, with  now payments being made to all eligible parents irrespective of application status. Payments are made in arrears, hence the reporting period for reference year N is being covered by payments made between April of year N to March of year N+1. Due to the differences in reporting methods between the data sources listed in Notes 1 and 2, and to maintain consistency in line with the restructuring performed, from 2023 the Unique Beneficiaries Report has been used to extract both the expenditure and beneficiaries data for the IWB.
4. For every benefit, the corresponding beneficiaries reflect any person who has received the benefit at least once during the reference period. The number of beneficiaries may not be aggregated since persons obtaining two or more different benefits during the same period are listed once under each benefit. Furthermore, it should also be noted that the annual number of beneficiaries is not equal to the sum of the quarters since beneficiaries obtaining the same benefit in more than one quarter are only counted once.
5. The functions provided in charts 2 and 3 are in line with the European System of Integrated Social Protection Statistics (ESSPROS) Manual 2022 Edition (ISBN 978-92-76-58596-1). This methodology is mandatory for all EU Member States. A detailed breakdown of which benefits are classified under each function is provided in the Social Security Benefits Glossary that can be accessed from the ‘Sources and Methods’ link listed in note 7.
6. Expenditure data is not normally subject to revision, while beneficiaries data may be revised. As of 2023, latest figures for the IWB are to be taken as provisional and subject to revision.
7. Figures may not add up exactly due to rounding.
8. More information relating to this news release may be accessed at:
9. A detailed news release calendar is available online.

10. References to this news release are to be cited appropriately. For guidance on access and re-use of data please visit our dedicated webpage.

11. For further assistance send your request through our online request form.

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