Malta Blue Books

The Malta Blue Books date back to the times of the British Administration of the 19th and 20th Centuries. The British Empire set high standards for the collection and availability of information with regard to several aspects of life in its colonies. Indeed, it can be said that the single most significant resource of information in British colonies and dominions was the Blue Book. The NSO has an impressive collection which is only rivalled by the one at the Mdina National Archives.

The volumes comprise a wealth of statistics: population; vital statistics; imports and exports; taxes, duties and other revenue sources; infrastructural projects; civil and military expenditure; education; hospitals; the penal system; and climate statistics. Some Blue Books contain very distinctive illustrative material. This may range from beautiful watercolours of local flora, to delicately drawn section maps and street plans.

The digitisation project undertaken by the NSO was originally facilitated by an EU grant. By the time the grant was terminated, a proportion of the volumes had been digitised and placed online. Now the full complement of 116 volumes can be consulted online, therefore providing service while at the same time saving wear and tear to the original artefacts.

The project was made possible by ongoing co-operation with the National Archives of Malta.

Chapter 1:​ ​Expenditure​
​​​Chapter 2: ​Revenue
​Chapter 3: ​Military Expenditure
​Chapter 4: ​Establishment
​Chapter 1: ​Expenditure​
​Chapter 2: ​Militrary Expenditure
​Chapter 3: ​Revenue
​Chapter 4: ​Establishment For The Year 1823
​​Chapter 1:​ ​​Net Revenue and Expenditure​
​Chapter 2: Revenue
​Chapter 3: ​Military Expenditure
​Chapter 4: ​Establishment
​Chapter 5: ​Schedules
​Chapter 6: ​Population
Chapter 7:​ ​Imports and Exports
​Chapter 8: ​Exchanges, Monies, Weights and Measures
​Chapter 9: ​Pensions
​​Chapter 1:​ ​​Taxes, Duties, Fees​
​Chapter 2: Fees
​Chapter 3: ​Net Revenue and Expenditure
​Chapter 4: ​Comparative Yearly Statements of Revenue and Expenditure
​Chapter 5: ​Local Revenues
​Chapter 6: ​Military Expenditure
Chapter 7:​ ​Public Works
​Chapter 8: Establishment
​Chapter 9: ​Pensions
​Chapter 10: Recapitulation of the Establishment​
​​Chapter 11: Population​
​Chapter 12: Ecclesiastical Return​
​Chapter 13: Education​
​Chapter 14: Exchanges, Monies, Weights and Measures​
​Chapter 15: Imports and Exports​
​Chapter 16: ​Agriculture
​Chapter 17: ​Manufacture, Mines and Fisheries
​Chapter 18: ​Grants of Land
​Chapter 19: ​Gaols and Prisoners
​Chapter 20: ​Government Grain Concern
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